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hello and welcome to ~dilettantemuse, antoinettemason's graphics community! feel free to join, or even just watch. for the time being, what you'll mostly find here will be criminal minds icons and texture sets, with the occasional stock or fashion icon posts for good measure. if there's enough interest later down the road, i may give posting access to other members, but for now this is pretty much just for my own graphics.

like pretty much anyone who makes graphics, i do appreciate common courtesy from people who use them. this includes crediting me for my graphics, not claiming them as your own, not hotlinking them, and not redistributing them without credit. obviously, i can't hunt you down and beat you up if you do any of these things, but it's just a nice way to show appreciation since i'm definitely not doing this for money. it's also appreciated on behalf of the wonderful people whose resources i use in making my own graphics; if someone likes the textures and brushes i use in my icons, they can easily find those resources for themselves on my resources post.

also, if you like what you see, comment and tell me so! or if you think there's something i could improve, constructive criticism is always welcome. i do this because it's something i enjoy, but i definitely want to make graphics that others will enjoy and use as well.

enjoy your stay!